2 Day Designs

About Us

Why the name “2 Day Designs”? In October 1993 we were offered a last minute space in Market Square during the fall High Point market. The next 48 hours were a blur of design, building and finishing to prepare for the market. The last piece was placed in the booth at 5:00 A.M. the day of the market opening. After the first of many successful markets, the company’s name was changed – 2 Day Designs. Simple but clever, a great true story none the less.

2 Day got its start producing small accents and occasional tables from reclaimed lumber. The majority of the lumber used was taken from the old Sears Catalogue Distribution Center in Atlanta. We would go on to purchase and reclaim lumber from six of these facilities scattered across the Southeast. We were also able to develop a line of products using teak reclaimed from discarded railway ties from the South African Railroad. Whenever possible sawmill shorts, off-fall and off-spec materials were used in our processes.

Unfortunately, those lumber stores were exhausted. Not ready to give up on the reclaiming and recycling, we developed our Wine 2 Night! Collection using recently retired wine barrels. Some 800,000 oak barrels are produced annually, many of them ending up in gardens as planters or simply destroyed. We estimate that we have saved approximately 15,000 barrels from this ultimate end. From wine racks to occasional tables, we have developed 50+ items for this collection. Many of the products bear the branding and vineyard handling markings as they were used in wine production.

Color variation, distressing and wood character are key elements in this hand made furniture line. We pride ourselves in enhancing wood’s natural character with hand distressing, sanding and seven different finish options. Circle saw marks are welcome here. Some of our barrel products may even have visible numbers or writing from their time spent in the vineyards. Just like us, our products have a story to tell.

Today, 2 Day Designs employs/contracts with over 75 individuals and carries a 250+ sku product line, a long way from where we started. We are a close-knit group, most of us having been here since the beginning. Thanks to all of our old and new friends for making 2 Day Designs a successful, fun place to spend our workdays. What’s next for 2 Day? Time will only tell. Be certain that we will continue to offer unique products at reasonable price points that work well across any décor.