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Our Story

Founded in 1991 in the remote settlement of West Kootenai, Montana, Montana Woodworks has grown to become the largest, most trusted manufacturer of rustic furniture in the nation. Surrounded by the majesty of the Rocky Mountains and the scenic beauty of Northwestern Montana, the company’s owner felt driven to translate the wonder of nature into the solidly functional and distinctive home furnishings that we make today. Taking his initial design ideas from nature and from history, the company began handcrafting bedroom furniture and other small items to exacting standards and in accordance with centuries of tradition.

As time passed and the business grew, Montana Woodworks became known nationwide for their exceptional furniture. Solid lodgepole pine beds, dressers, tables, chairs and other distinctive products were soon treasured by owners across the continent and abroad. Montana Woodworks furniture is not ordinary furniture; it is a work of art enriched with the proud tradition and history of its crafters. Company ethics of integrity, self-sufficiency and hard work infuse our daily life, including the crafting of solid wood furniture. What is it that makes Montana Woodworks furniture so special? Careful, detailed craftsmanship, high quality wood selection and conscientious construction are just a few of the many qualities for which their items are revered. Furniture making is a time-honored skill passed through many generations. Starting early in their life, most of our craftsmen dedicate their lives to learning a master craftsmen’s’ skill while working alongside their fathers in the family business. After many years of training and dedication, this new generation of master craftsmen often embarks upon their own journey to define and refine their creative vision as interpreted through the wood in which they work. Because each piece is individually hand made by the craftsmen, Montana Woodworks furniture is unique. No two pieces will be precisely alike, so you will have a one of a kind piece of furniture instead of a mass-market product that most ordinary consumers own. This quality, coupled with the furniture’s longevity make them ideal candidates for family heirlooms. In fact, each piece of Montana Woodworks furniture is hand signed by the artisan who made it, signifying its originality, authenticity and integrity.

As Montana Woodworks starts into its third decade of making great furniture, the traditions of hundreds of years and countless craftsmen will follow with it. We are dedicated to the craft of furniture making and the long-standing practice of earning customer loyalty and satisfaction. Today, Montana Woodworks offers three distinctive lines of furniture with over 1500 different items from which to choose. We also offer a full custom shop to help turn your dreams into a living reality. We invite you to purchase our products with confidence. Our 90-day, customer satisfaction guarantee combined with the 20-year limited warranty makes us certain you will be pleased with your Montana Woodworks furniture.

It is, after all, “Montana Woodworks; Furniture for a Lifetime!”

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Montana Woodworks 20-Year Limited Waranty